Pros and Cons of Roof Lanterns

What are the pros and cons of roof lanterns?

Whether you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to a traditional conservatory, or you’re simply looking for a modern addition to allow more natural light into your home, a roof lantern is a great choice for you. There are many positives to getting a roof lantern installed in your home, not to mention the streams of light that you will have flood into your living room or kitchen and brighten your home. However, some might say that there are some negatives to getting a roof lantern installed in your home, and in this blog post we are going to discover whether the pros outweigh the cons…

Korniche Roof Lanterns from Glazing Hub

Here at Glazing Hub, we are a nationwide glazing company that sells roof lanterns directly to installers so they can install them right into your home with ease. Roof lanterns have become a popular home addition in recent years, whether as an alternative to a typical conservatory or to increase the quantity of natural light in a home. Are you unsure whether a roof lantern is right for you? If so, this blog post will cover the advantages and disadvantages of this option for your home.

At Glazing Hub, we think that roof lanterns, when compared to the more traditional VELUX rooflights, have a much more refined finish. When light is reflected through the lantern panes, the intersections between the aluminium frames and the window panes allow for a much more desirable effect, creating a gloriously and naturally lit room. This is one of the key advantages of getting a roof lantern installed in your home; the elegant style and increased natural light that will make your home look brighter and more spacious! =

The Korniche Roof lanterns also have a wide range of customisable colour options, too. You can even choose to have the interior frames a different colour to the exterior to match the colour of the rest of your home.

In addition, the increased level of sun that is let into your home is likely to heat up your room much quicker, which may even make you save money on energy bills! There is a chance that this increased sunlight is too bright for some, however, especially those who have sensitive eyes and sensitive skin. This could be seen as a flaw in this sense. It is also true that with the installation of a roof lantern, there is more chance of your home getting colder quicker in the winter, as glass is not as good of an insulator as a regular roof would be.

Korniche roof lanterns are thermally sealed

When it comes to Korniche roof lanterns though, the room temperature of your home will be maintained, as the low u-value ensures a guarantee that the lantern edge is thermally sealed and so there are no holes for air to escape, meaning that you will get great heat retention when you choose these for your home.