How Korniche Bi-Fold Doors keep you cool in the heat!

Bi-fold doors: open up your home to the summer sunshine

Many people choose to have bifold doors installed in their home since they allow you to open up your home throughout the summer.

When it's hot outdoors and you need some shade from the heat, it's the ideal place to rest and relax without feeling too claustrophobic and stuffy.

Bifold doors are especially ideal for summer entertainment events such as barbeques, as they provide more room and comfort, and Korniche bi-fold doors are unlike any other on the market!

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Enjoy the outdoors in summer with your family

If you have children, there's no better way to get them outside for some Vitamin D and play than by opening your back door. If you want to dine outside but don't want to be in direct sunlight, setting up your dining table and sliding out those bifold doors is another great option. You can keep cool while still enjoying the beautiful summer air.

Our Korniche bifold doors at Glazing Hub, on the other hand, are much more than only for the summer. While they'll keep you cool during heat waves (assuming we have any! ), they'll also keep you comfortable if the temperature dips a little.

Most installations now have solar regulated double glazing as standard, but you still want to purchase the finest. Korniche b-ifold doors are extremely energy efficient and, despite their size, are guaranteed to keep you warm throughout winter.

When summer arrives, though, the effect is precisely the reverse. When the sun is shining brightly, such energy efficiency keeps your environment cool and enjoyable at all times. Korniche bi-fold doors do this by lowering the effect of direct heat by more than half while also significantly reducing glare.

Of course, if you want additional protection and shade, as well as maybe more privacy, you can choose to install blinds with all of our bifold doors, giving you even more control over the temperature and light. Bifold doors offer a unique benefit over standard sliding doors in that they allow you to open up more of the room to the great outdoors. They function similarly to a concertina and may be pulled back as far or as little as you wish.

"Absolutely delighted with our new bifold doors, replacing an existing window! The installation was carried out very professionally from start to finish, and everything was covered from knocking out the unwanted brickwork to plastering and fitting skirting board into the recess. Recommend 100%" - Andrew Mugleston, Local Guide

Relax in cool temperatures even during the hot and stuffy summer months!

You can always retain careful control over the temperature in your room, whether it's early in the morning, lunchtime, or coming near to nightfall. With the bifold doors open and the garden in full bloom before of you, it's a lovely way to start the day. Alternatively, you may unwind with a great cup of coffee or a beautiful glass of wine in the early evening while reading a book or listening to music.

Many individuals opt to have bifold doors installed when building an expansion to give a touch of design and elegance. When combined with a roof system, it may make a significant impact in creating a place with abundance of light that you will be able to enjoy for many years to come. If you want to learn more about bifold doors and how they can improve your house, browse our goods online and get in touch with the Glazing Hub team if you have any questions!